Somewhere to sit

Somewhere to sit

Come, sit by me.
Gaze into the distance. What do you see? A family….. children and dogs – running, chasing; adults talking, meandering? A woman, alone, the dog trotting along beside her? Is your sky blue or grey? Do you see the trees peppered with bright green buds about to burst; are they clothed in a rich green robe, or stark and bare like a skeleton?
Close your eyes for a while. Do you feel the warmth of the sun on your face, or the biting wind stinging your cheeks?
Listen. What do you hear? Is it the music of the birds singing in the branches? Or the dogs yapping; children squealing? The distant roar of traffic calling you back? The wind rustling through the trees perhaps?
Or silence?



It was such a beautiful day today that, after a brief work meeting, I decided to go for a walk with my camera. It was a toss-up between a childhood park or the cemetery – the park won. This is one of the two parks that my Mum used to take me to when I was small. This was the ‘Sunday’ park, because she liked to listen to the band playing in the bandstand on a Sunday afternoon.

eaton park3

It’s a huge place and it was good to see that plenty of Mums are still walking there with their buggies and toddlers. There are two ornamental ponds – one used to have fish and water lilies in – it looks as though the lilies are still there but I suspect the fish are long gone, certainly none in evidence today.  The second is a boating lake and when my sons were small their grandparents used to take them there to sail their boats. The eldest had a yacht but, as I remember, it frequently capsized!


The tennis courts are where I learned to play, attending a series of evening coaching sessions one summer. I don’t remember the courts being in such good condition – more like hard grey clay with grass growing around the edges as I recall!!

By the end of this year I hope to have moved west, to be closer to my family – my camera is helping me to record the places I remember before I leave. So far three generations of our family have passed time there – I’m hoping I can take my granddaughter next time she visits.



I’ve been travelling recently, nowhere exciting, just back and forth across the UK visiting family. But, wherever I go, my camera always goes with me. Sometimes I like to wander with it on my own and on other occasions I trail along with my family and friends, recording the things we do together. Because I’m always behind the camera I seem to be the anonymous witness to most events! My son shares my love of photography but doesn’t carry his camera as often as I do. I’m hoping we can encourage my granddaughter to share our interest.
Last weekend we drove over to Ludlow, stopping on Clee Hill on the way back. Coming from ‘flatlands’ I love to stand atop hills and take in the views. Here we’re all taking ‘panoramic’ shots using our phones – and this time someone was sitting in the car to snap us all!


penarth window
Recently I’ve taken part in an online photographic project: #100Happydays. I’ve tried blogging before with limited success, but I found it easier to link words to my photos – both are vitally important to me as a communicator. Let’s see how this goes.
The photos will be a mixture of old and new – favourites from my own personal gallery and new ones I add as I explore the world further.
This was taken in Penarth in Dec 2013. It was a mixed day of heavy hail showers interspersed with periods of sunshine. Windows, doors and archways are a favourite theme of mine – I like to frame my view of the world. Penarth is also likely to crop up again as I have family connections and visit frequently.
I found this view through a window in the gallery overlooking the exhibition hall in the restored pier.