Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections (2)

Wells is one of my favourite places to visit. I love wandering around the market and then into the grounds of the cathedral. I’ve pulled this out from a collection of photos I took the last time I was there, earlier last year. There is a solitude to be found inside the walls of cathedral grounds that cannot be found elsewhere. That, coupled with the stunning architecture, makes them sanctuaries of peace and beauty within our cities and I never pass up an opportunity to explore a new one, especially with camera in hand!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (3)




This weekly photo challenge thing has really grabbed me…. in fact it seems to have completely taken over my blog – I really must try to get back to the original intention!
Having said that, I’m really enjoying the challenges. I’m finding that when I’m out with my camera I always have the challenge in mind and I’m constantly looking for opportunities to create a new photograph to post.
Yesterday we took the dogs for a walk on Kinver Edge. It’s been a few months since we were last there and there were huge changes in the woodland scenery. There’s obviously been some planned logging, with huge piles of logs waiting to be transported away, but there was a lot of storm damage too and many of the tracks were blocked by fallen trees. So, as well as the usual wide shots of trees and the views from the edge I was able to get up close to the log piles and peer inside!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge - Inside (2)

When I’m staying with my son he likes to take the dogs for a run at weekends. Although they live in an urban area there are a number of wide open spaces within a ten-minute drive. My granddaughter likes to climb trees and this is one of her favourite climbing trees. The branches sprawl very close to the ground and she can get right inside them without having to climb to a great height – she’s really not that brave!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside 1

Last summer I realised a long held wish to visit the island of Iona. I’m not sure when exactly, or where, the seed of that wish germinated, only that I felt it was a missing link having visited the Isle of Lindisfarne and Caldy Island. I needed to complete my trio of religious islands.
It was a complicated journey, although I suppose nowhere near as complicated as it was for the original pilgrims, and one I made alone, even though I was surrounded by people on the journey and on the island.
Hidden deep within the abbey, protected by the cloisters, I found this amazing sculpture. Even here I was not alone, with people wandering inside the cloisters and the sound of voices coming through the open windows from inside the abbey buildings.

Emerging Sun

Emerging Sun

I’ve been on granny duty this week – which means an unusually early start to my day and a brisk morning walk instead of a long lingering coffee as I come to terms with the new day. Mornings have been cold and foggy and the past couple of days the sun has been slow to emerge, although the afternoons have been warm and sunny.
This morning however, the sun was beginning to burn through the fog as I made my way back from the walk to school. It reassured me that, even though the day had started shrouded in mist and cold, before too long the sun would break through to brighten the day ahead,

A little bit amazed!

Well – what started as an experiment to satisfy my own creative impulses seems to have appealed to a few of you out there – hence my amazement! Amazement that my own amateur efforts at seeing the world through a camera lens have generated such a response. I am truly thankful for all the likes and follows that I have accumulated in the few weeks since I started this blog.
Many of you have found me in recent days through the Weekly Photo Challenge, which I finally decided to participate in, after much consideration. It has me hooked – to the point where I went to bed last night mentally scanning through the images I have stored on my laptop, trying to find ways I could adapt them to fit the current challenge.
What a wonderful, friendly, inspirational community this is! By scrolling through the blogs of those who have responded to my efforts I have been inspired to do more with my camera and, of course, to spin the web of words to accompany the results. I am trying hard to respond to as many as I can but have to confess that initially, I am drawn to those who share similar interests of place, theme, style……. but I am learning new things and finding new ideas in everything I look at.
Thank you WordPressers for welcoming me so readily …… I look forward to sharing more, viewing more and learning more. The Weekly Photo Challenge is obviously the way forward and perhaps, one day, I might be brave enough to take up a writing challenge too!