A little bit amazed!

Well – what started as an experiment to satisfy my own creative impulses seems to have appealed to a few of you out there – hence my amazement! Amazement that my own amateur efforts at seeing the world through a camera lens have generated such a response. I am truly thankful for all the likes and follows that I have accumulated in the few weeks since I started this blog.
Many of you have found me in recent days through the Weekly Photo Challenge, which I finally decided to participate in, after much consideration. It has me hooked – to the point where I went to bed last night mentally scanning through the images I have stored on my laptop, trying to find ways I could adapt them to fit the current challenge.
What a wonderful, friendly, inspirational community this is! By scrolling through the blogs of those who have responded to my efforts I have been inspired to do more with my camera and, of course, to spin the web of words to accompany the results. I am trying hard to respond to as many as I can but have to confess that initially, I am drawn to those who share similar interests of place, theme, style……. but I am learning new things and finding new ideas in everything I look at.
Thank you WordPressers for welcoming me so readily …… I look forward to sharing more, viewing more and learning more. The Weekly Photo Challenge is obviously the way forward and perhaps, one day, I might be brave enough to take up a writing challenge too!

2 thoughts on “A little bit amazed!

  1. Dear Penny,
    Dina and me with the help of our Bookfayries Siri & Selma try to find a combination of texts and pictures to produce a wider meaning. You seem to try the same. For us it is playing around with our knowledge as I was a specialist for symbol systems and structural linguistics and Dina is a photographer.
    Good luck for your blog and happy blogging 😉
    Klausbernd and his busy Bookfayrie Siri

    🙂 🙂

    • Thank you Klausbernd, I am certainly drawn to things that seem to work on different levels with different shades of meaning. I suppose that is the way to reach a wider audience, although my intention is really just to amuse myself by playing with pictures and words – which have always been the tools of my trade!
      Best wishes, Penny

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