Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur


My granddaughter was playing with a bubble wand in the garden this morning and I sat happily snapping away. Looking through the images with her later I realised I had also caught the blurred reflection of the house so it seemed the ideal one for this week’s photo challenge.

One Year On?

Where I am now – five minutes from my front door. Church Doors on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path


My notifications tab tells me that I have been here for a year.

A lot has happened in that year….. but, then again, maybe not so much.

I’ve moved 400 miles west and yet still waiting to move another 200 miles north.

I’ve travelled to places I’ve never visited before and yet I’ve spent most of the year in a place that has become so familiar.

I’ve spent a lot of time driving from family member to family member and to old friends, but in between I’ve passed many days in this one place, a long, long way from everyone I know.

I started this blog to keep my interest in writing and photography alive…. I’m not sure either has developed very much further but the hearts are still beating strongly! As a result I’ve been fascinated, amused, occasionally saddened, educated, heartened and encouraged. Many of you reading this have become familiar to me and some of you have kept me going over the past year.

Thank you!

Sunday Strolls (5)

Time to revive my Sunday strolls I think! It’s not that I don’t go out in the winter, just that weekends have been busy and I’ve either been away or had visitors.
Last weekend I was staying with my son. They moved house last summer and they’re still discovering their new area so they decided to show me somewhere I hadn’t been before. The morning was foggy, but it made for some great atmospheric shots, although by the time we had walked across the headland and onto the more commercialised seafront the sun was burning through the mist and families were out in force, on the beach and along the promenade. It seems it’s never the wrong time of year to build sandcastles or eat ice-cream!
Walking across the narrow estuary that creates the ‘Island’ was an eerie experience – the sand was still wet and boggy with the recently ebbing tide and moving shapes loomed out of the mist, although the ‘ghost ship’ seemed to be securely anchored in the small harbour. I didn’t get close enough to see if it was still in working order or had actually been abandoned! Away from the harbour and headland the Island becomes a typical seaside resort, hard and sharp in contrast to the soft contours of the sand and coastline. The beach huts are brand new and a welcome burst of colour on what started out as a very grey morning. The local council are still deciding whether to sell them individually or rent them out during the summer season…… quick short-term profit or long-term investment? Wouldn’t mind one myself!
The seafront cafes behind the prom were busy and enjoying a boost in trade on a beautiful day with many people opting to sit outside, even if they were wrapped in winter coats, scarves and hats – but we managed to find a corner to have lunch in the sun before heading home!

(I will explain that the vignette effect on the harbour wall is not deliberate – well, not quite. The filters that I had for Christmas were the wrong size for my lens fitting so we had to buy an adaptor. I leave it on so I can add filters when I want to but it creates the ring around the edge unless I use a lot of zoom. Usually I crop it afterwards but there are some pictures where it just seems to look right – so I leave it.)