Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument (1)


Walking through the park at Blickling Hall you suddenly encounter this monument through a clearing in the trees. It’s the burial place of the 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire, John Hobart, and his two wives. For some reason he wasn’t buried in the family vault in the estate church but in this mausoleum built by his daughter in 1793, based on the tomb of Caius Cestius in Rome and now a listed monument in its own right. An unexpected find in the middle of the Norfolk countryside!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective (2)


Up close the world opens up in front of me. I connect with the sights and sounds and I know I am a part of human existence.

Stepping back, the window becomes a barrier between myself and the outside world. Everything I view is disconnected, distant. I am in my own world and they in theirs.