Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge - Inside (2)

When I’m staying with my son he likes to take the dogs for a run at weekends. Although they live in an urban area there are a number of wide open spaces within a ten-minute drive. My granddaughter likes to climb trees and this is one of her favourite climbing trees. The branches sprawl very close to the ground and she can get right inside them without having to climb to a great height – she’s really not that brave!




I’ve been travelling recently, nowhere exciting, just back and forth across the UK visiting family. But, wherever I go, my camera always goes with me. Sometimes I like to wander with it on my own and on other occasions I trail along with my family and friends, recording the things we do together. Because I’m always behind the camera I seem to be the anonymous witness to most events! My son shares my love of photography but doesn’t carry his camera as often as I do. I’m hoping we can encourage my granddaughter to share our interest.
Last weekend we drove over to Ludlow, stopping on Clee Hill on the way back. Coming from ‘flatlands’ I love to stand atop hills and take in the views. Here we’re all taking ‘panoramic’ shots using our phones – and this time someone was sitting in the car to snap us all!