Still around!


Still around….. moved house a few weeks back…. settling in with a new garden to enjoy in the sun!

Everything is very different  Рbut in a good way. I do miss the sea though, and a walk along the beach on a summer evening!

Hoping to catch up soon!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist (1)


It’s taken me a while to get going to this week’s challenge, partly because I have contract deadlines to meet, but also because I was trying to find something other than the numerous twisted tree trunks that I’ve¬†photographed recently. After trawling back through my files I found this from a holiday in the Wye Valley a few years ago. I was actually looking for a shot of the River Wye twisting through Symonds Yat, but it wasn’t twisty enough for my liking. So I settled for this one – taken with my old Olympus point and shoot, but not too bad considering. You can probably just make out my grandaughter who made it to the centre of the maze while I watched from the lookout tower!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections (2)

Wells is one of my favourite places to visit. I love wandering around the market and then into the grounds of the cathedral. I’ve pulled this out from a collection of photos I took the last time I was there, earlier last year. There is a solitude to be found inside the walls of cathedral grounds that cannot be found elsewhere. That, coupled with the stunning architecture, makes them sanctuaries of peace and beauty within our cities and I never pass up an opportunity to explore a new one, especially with camera in hand!


penarth window
Recently I’ve taken part in an online photographic project: #100Happydays. I’ve tried blogging before with limited success, but I found it easier to link words to my photos – both are vitally important to me as a communicator. Let’s see how this goes.
The photos will be a mixture of old and new – favourites from my own personal gallery and new ones I add as I explore the world further.
This was taken in Penarth in Dec 2013. It was a mixed day of heavy hail showers interspersed with periods of sunshine. Windows, doors and archways are a favourite theme of mine – I like to frame my view of the world. Penarth is also likely to crop up again as I have family connections and visit frequently.
I found this view through a window in the gallery overlooking the exhibition hall in the restored pier.