Sunday Strolls (4)

I have some catching up to do! I’ve been away for a week or so and Sunday strolls in Pembrokeshire have been on hold but this exploration of Lamphey Palace was just before I left.  Not so far to venture this time as the village of Lamphey is only about 10 minutes away and I pass through it frequently on my way into Pembroke.

Yet another ruined edifice left by the prominent Norman noblemen in this area the palace originated in the 13th century and was enlarged twice until the mid- 14th century,  lastly by Henry de Gower, Bishop of St. David’s. The palace became the countryside retreat for the high-ranking clergy and bishops of St. David’s Cathedral, approximately 30 miles away. As with so many ecclesiastical buildings it eventually surrendered to Henry VIII in 1546. After being held by the earls of Essex for 100 years it fell into the hands of Cromwell and was occupied by his Roundheads where it was used to provide Pembroke with supplies.

Today it is almost hidden along a narrow driveway leading to the neighbouring Lamphey Court Hotel. The lane slopes down towards a pair of abandoned stone gateposts in an outside wall and it’s quite a surprise to find the tall palms growing just inside! Cared for by Cadw (the Welsh equivalent of English Heritage) it was manned by a lone receptionist on the afternoon I visited and other than one couple and two family groups I had the place virtually to myself. It was never crowded as each party arrived and left separately and in between I was alone – plenty of time to roam undisturbed with my camera and clock up 70+ shots!

The building is still an impressive one, with walls, chimneys, doorways and staircases well-preserved. In its day it also boasted an orchard and fishpond as well as the Great Hall, western hall, gatehouse and beautiful Yew tree growing against the outer wall. I can’t imagine that the grounds are ever overrun with visitors – but there are enough hidden doorways and arches to hide most of those who venture inside. Many of the upper rooms and staircases are accessible and there is a wealth of detail to be found for those who like to explore. It was easy to find ledges to perch on and enjoy the peace and serenity of a late September afternoon. Although the sunlight was hazy it was warm and the trees were beginning to glow with a hint of autumn colours.

After an initial walk round I sat outside with a coffee, provided by the lone receptionist from a machine behind the counter, and read up from the information leaflet before taking another look around. Later, as the sun started to fade, the hollow window arches took on a gloomier feel and it seemed time to leave, but I think I might go back when the trees are bare and there’s a frost on the ground – or perhaps even some snow?

A little bit amazed!

Well – what started as an experiment to satisfy my own creative impulses seems to have appealed to a few of you out there – hence my amazement! Amazement that my own amateur efforts at seeing the world through a camera lens have generated such a response. I am truly thankful for all the likes and follows that I have accumulated in the few weeks since I started this blog.
Many of you have found me in recent days through the Weekly Photo Challenge, which I finally decided to participate in, after much consideration. It has me hooked – to the point where I went to bed last night mentally scanning through the images I have stored on my laptop, trying to find ways I could adapt them to fit the current challenge.
What a wonderful, friendly, inspirational community this is! By scrolling through the blogs of those who have responded to my efforts I have been inspired to do more with my camera and, of course, to spin the web of words to accompany the results. I am trying hard to respond to as many as I can but have to confess that initially, I am drawn to those who share similar interests of place, theme, style……. but I am learning new things and finding new ideas in everything I look at.
Thank you WordPressers for welcoming me so readily …… I look forward to sharing more, viewing more and learning more. The Weekly Photo Challenge is obviously the way forward and perhaps, one day, I might be brave enough to take up a writing challenge too!