Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur


My granddaughter was playing with a bubble wand in the garden this morning and I sat happily snapping away. Looking through the images with her later I realised I had also caught the blurred reflection of the house so it seemed the ideal one for this week’s photo challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Two shots from Edinburgh this August. The firework finale of the Military Tattoo late one night and Princes Street the following evening caught between the bustle of early evening and late night as the festival crowds and tattoo audience were all in their seats. Not quite dark but the clouds made it feel more night than day!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

I’ve been away from the WPC for a few weeks…. or possibly a couple of months? Things are settling down into a bit of a routine now, so I’ve had time to think around this week’s theme but, having chosen the photos from my files I then couldn’t decide which order to post them in, so here they are, all together! I’ve concentrated on the idea of humanity as people, not the emotion, and then I had to think about how I could best portray humanity and what it means to me.

There’s the mass of humanity that we encounter most days in various contexts, whether it be shopping crowds, motorway queues, airport lounges, on a bus or in a crowded train, at a sports event, music festival or, as here, on the streets of Edinburgh during the festival. People coming together to enjoy the artists, to mingle and perhaps meet new people some with a shared interest, others just passing by.

Away from the crowd humanity is the love of a good friend, sharing experiences, exploring culture, chatting, laughing and, sometimes, crying together. Being comfortable with each other, knowing when to help, when to encourage, when to step back and watch from afar….. knowing they will always be within reach no matter how far away we are.

But most importantly for me humanity is the love of family, not just my own children but also the people they choose to share their lives with. I love this family shot – it was the beginning of a holiday and within an hour of arriving from different parts of the country we were sitting round a table, sharing food, catching up with each other and planning the week ahead.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra!


Lots going on at the moment so a last gasp entry this week!

An extra chair – hopefully waiting for me to sit in. Well – I did, but not for long as the family had been resting while I wandered around them with my camera and were just about ready to move on by the time I sat down! The dogs had already decided it was time to go and had wandered out of the shot! So I let them all head off around to the other side of the lake while I enjoyed a few moments of peace and quiet – and I got some good shots of them walking with the dogs across the water!