My New Year!

church doors

I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks with lots of visitors, lots of cooking, lots of cuddles with my granddaughter and lots of walks in the fresh air! Eventually things will get back onto an even keel and I’ll be able to post regularly again.

Meanwhile I took this shot on Tuesday as I walked along the coast path just a few minutes from my home. We’ve had real Jekyll and Hyde weather this week – yesterday, by contrast, struggled to get properly light all day and yet this morning the sun was streaming into my bedroom again. At the moment the wind is howling and driving the rain against the window as I type!

Christmas provided me with a host of new gadgets for my Nikon – a tripod, a wide-angle lens and a set of filters plus a ‘Dummies’ guide to my camera. Seems there’s no excuse now to get out there and find out what I can really do!

Emerging Sun

Emerging Sun

I’ve been on granny duty this week – which means an unusually early start to my day and a brisk morning walk instead of a long lingering coffee as I come to terms with the new day. Mornings have been cold and foggy and the past couple of days the sun has been slow to emerge, although the afternoons have been warm and sunny.
This morning however, the sun was beginning to burn through the fog as I made my way back from the walk to school. It reassured me that, even though the day had started shrouded in mist and cold, before too long the sun would break through to brighten the day ahead,